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The company has an assembly plant of 2000 m at the 6th of October City industrial zone Cairo , Egypt .This area is only the first plant site can accommodate up  to five more similar buildings.


Marketing Department:

It surveys the market, promotes products, enhances the image of the organization and aids in the forming of the final look and specifications of the product. For the meantime, the company is focusing on the local market and to a very limited scale on exporting to some neighboring Arab countries. During this time, the company's rate of growth was quite high and this has kept our efforts and resources directed towards expanding our manufacturing capabilities and our home marketing activities. However, we would welcome the opportunity to make business abroad either by exporting our products or acquiring sub contractors for OEM design and manufacturing.

 Design Department:

Represents the core of WISSAM with 10 carefully selected and trained engineers. This group is continuously working on the implementation of ideas suggested by the Steering Committee, and the improvement of the design of the products to meet customer requirements.

Systems & Firmware Department:

Responsible for the development of the software that controls products that use micro-controllers. This department has five systems and software engineers.

Engineering Department:

Responsible for product engineering. It includes, the case design, ergonomics of the product, thermal consideration, human engineering , ...etc.

Testing & Quality Control Department:

Responsible for setting forth the testing procedures and equipment for the products, burn-in procedures, quality control, documentation, ... etc.

Purchasing & Costing Department:

Represents the lifeline of the organization as they are responsible for securing best price, delivery and highest quality for all the components needed for production.

Administration & Financial Department:

Keeps a documented book keeping system, and applies standardized polices for all employees, and customers. It monitors the constant, accurate and regular strategy for administrative and financial procedures.

The Manufacturing Facilities:

The present building includes four assembly lines and support services. The board assembly lines are for through whole components. The support services include coil winding and their production, and limited mechanical case design and production. The company builds and operates its own automatic test equipment for production testing. All products are 100% burned in. Total quality management techniques are employed in all phases.

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