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  Elevator Controller

Wissam elevator controller is an intelligent microcontroller based controller which incorporates all the features operating in Simplex or Duplex mode.

The important features of Wissam elevator controller are:

  • AC Drive two speed Or VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) drive.

  • Serving up to 20 stops (12 stops on main board + 8 stops on an optional extension).

  • Manual or automatic door.

  • Collective down control for residential buildings and Collective selective control for office buildings.

  • Duplex feature through serial communication between controllers.

  • All control inputs and load outputs are indicated on the printed boards through leds.

  • Position of car and states of controller are indicated on the printed boards through 7-segment digits.

  • Error tracking function and error code is displayed.

  • Load control (full load, over load).

  • Maintenance control.

  • Automatic car light.

  • Pre-announcing arrival gong on each stop and direction arrows during travel.

  • Reduced magnets are used as shaft information generator without correction travel.

  • Reservation control function.

  • Door reversing control (To open /close door buttons).

  • Fire control function.

  • Attendant control function.

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